Domain name dispute in Vietnam

Domain name dispute in Vietnam can be resolved through administrative proceedings. This measure is generally thought to be the fastest and most cost-effective way for resolving domain name disputes. The responsibility for handling domain name dispute in Vietnam belongs to both Ministry of Information and Communication (MIC) and the Ministry of Science & Technology (MOST)

SANTAK trademark infringement in Vietnam

In recent years, along with the increase of number of applications and registrations of Intellectual property rights (IPRs), Vietnam is also facing with numerous IP infringements, especially trademark infringement. It causes annoyance, not only to trademark holders, but also for consumers and society. The following case of trademark “SANTAK” will ring a bell to trademark infringer in Vietnam.

Protecting well-known trademark in Vietnam

Vietnamese jurisdiction does not require a well-known trademark to be registered under regular trademark registration procedure. The right over a well-known trademark in Vietnam automatically established through the use thereof in commerce without any registration.

Filling Trademark in Laos – New allowance for Multi-class Application

The multiple-class application for trademark in Laos officially allow as from February 01, 2016. It provides the new option for Applicants who are interested in filing trademark in Laos. Depending on the brand registration and development strategy as well as protection for trademark in Laos, the Applicant can choose the Single-class or Multi-class application.

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