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Over the past few weeks, significant progress has been made regarding Myanmar’s trademark system, specifically:


  • The Trademark Rules in conjunction with the Myanmar Trademark Law 2019 were finalized on March 31, 2023;
  • The schedule of official fees for trademark applications was finalized and issued on April 01, 2023;
  • The commencement of Phase 2 of the Soft-Opening Period on April 01, 2023;
  • The announcement of Department of Intellectual Property (IPD) in a local newspaper on the date of the Grand Opening Period (April 26, 2023).


Under the current circumstance, trademark owners who submitted their trademarks during the Soft Opening Period should pay all the relevant official fees and submit a notarized Appointment of Representative (TM-2) form to the IPD as soon as possible before May 31, 2023 to enjoy the common priority date of April 26, 2023.


Furthermore, the trademark system’s full implementation on April 26, 2023 will allow trademark owners who were not able to join the soft opening to file new trade applications under the first-to-file principle. Therefore, trademark owners should start preparing the necessary (TM-2) for filing their new trademark applications in Myanmar to obtain the earliest priority date.


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