New points for trademark registration in Vietnam – Application of the International Classification of Trademarks (Nice – Version 11-2019)

07/03/2019 - 3118 views

According to the Notice No. 13234/TB-SHTT date November 23, 2018, as from January 01, 2019, The Vietnamese version of the Nice Classification 11th Edition (11-2019), translated by the National Office of Intellectual Property (NOIP) from the English version published by WIPO, will be applied to the classification of goods and services for trademark registrations in Vietnam.

The 2019 version of the eleventh edition of the Nice Classification includes a number of changes with regard to the previous version. Accordingly, if the trademark applicant fails to classify correctly, the NOIP will proceed with classifying and collecting fees from the trademark applicant.

The Nice Classification is of great significance for the classification of goods and services in trademark search, establishment and enforcement of Industrial Property Rights. Thanks to the scientific classification system, the goods and services of trademark registration in Vietnam can be easily classified in trademark search then evaluated the registrability during trademark examination.

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