Amendment of Trademark registration in Myanmar

22/03/2017 - 1516 views

Amendment of Trademark registration in Myanmar can be filed for name and address change of the applicant, mentioning the previous registration number and date.

1. Requirements

In filing an application for amendment of Trademark registration in Myanmar, the below documents are required:

(i) A Power of Attorney in the applicant’s new name, which must be executed by legal representative person of applicant, then certified by a Notary Public, then legalized by the Myanmar Embassy or Consulate in country of the applicant;

(ii) A Declaration of Ownership of Change of Name, which needs signature of the legal representative person of applicant (the same person, who signed on the Power of Attorney is recommended);

(iii) A specimen of the trademark in JPG. file with resolution at least 300DPI.

Note the item “Signature of the witness”: Under current practice in Myanmar, it is not expressly required the attendance of a witness and his signature, where it depends on case by case. Please therefore let this item blank if under your jurisdiction, it is not available OR the client may have difficulty in obtaining the signature of the witness. It will be completed by the attorney.

It is compulsory that the original documents must be submitted at the time of filing for recordal of change of Trademark in Myanmar.

2. Cost

The package cost including both official fees and all inclusive attorney’s fee and disbursements for the recordal of amendment of Trademark  in Myanmar.

3. Time frame

It takes approximately 3 months from the filing date to complete the recordal of amendment of Trademark registration in Myanmar

The Myanmar government has issued draft laws for industrial designs, patents, trademarks and copyrights, inviting public opinion and consultations. According to the draft Trademark law, the term of a registered trademark is 10 years from the filing date and it can be renewed for additional 10-year terms. Furthermore, both domestic and foreign owners of marks can apply under this law.

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