Working session and cultural exchange between Ageless Lao Sole Co. Ltd. and the Department of Intellectual Property of Laos

08/12/2022 - 1254 views

Recently, a working session and cultural exchange between Ageless Lao Sole Co. Ltd. (Ageless) with leader and officials of the Department of Intellectual Property  of Laos (DIP) have taken place in Vientiane.

At the meeting, the leader of the DIP of Laos highly appreciated both the quantity and quality of trademark registration applications and other work presented by Ageless in Laos over the years. This has helped many organizations, businesses and individuals to register IP rights, enforce and commercialize IP assets in Laos successfully. At the same time, he also expressed his delight at the close and effective cooperation between the two sides.


Representative of the DIP of Laos awarded a certificate of merit to Lawyer Xuan Duc Nguyen


On behalf of the delegation of Ageless, our Lawyer- Xuan Duc Nguyen affirmed that Ageless will continue to improve its professional capacity, support and represent more businesses and subjects in the establishment and enforcement of IP rights in Laos.

In addition to the exchange of expertise, also within the framework of this working session, the delegation of Ageless and the DIP of Laos had cultural and sports exchanges, cementing the friendship between the two sides.


The delegation of Ageless and the DIP of Laos took a commemorative photo


In recent years, the Lao economy has undergone dramatic changes. Realizing the potential market in Laos, investment in Laos is a top priority for Vietnamese businesses and others.

Besides, on June 8, 2018, the IP Law No. 38/NA of Laos officially took effect. After that, the sub-law documents have also been gradually improved, helping the IP system of Laos in the past time also achieve positive results. Thereby, improving efficiency in promoting trade and investment, creating a healthier competitive environment for entities and businesses investing in Laos.

Trademark registration in Laos is one of the first things businesses need to do since the first-to-file principle. This is a solid legal basis to help businesses protect their brands, rest assured to develop their brands, and avoid legal troubles and unfair competition practices.

More information about trademark protection in Laos can be found HERE.

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