Guides for filing and protecting trademark in Laos

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In accordance with the previously provisions of trademark in Laos, registration of a trademark application for multiple class are not acceptable. It requires each trademark application in Laos only be registered for one class of goods/services. This regulation may cause difficulties for the Applicant in disbursement as well as trademark management.

However, according to current IP Law No. 38/NA officially took effect on June 8, 2018, multiple-class trademark application is officially allowed.

                         Guide for filing trademark application in Laos


1. Requirements for filing trademark in Laos

For the purpose of filing trademark application in Laos, the following documents are required:

(i) A Notarized bilingual Power of Attorney (POA). Scanned copy of the POA is accepted at filing, the original one must be submitted within 1 month later. A proper POA can be used as general one within 05 years as from its signing date.

Under current practice in Laos, it is not expressly required the signature of legal representative person of applicant and the notarization of the Laotian page in the POA. Please therefore let the Laotian page blank if under your jurisdiction, it is not available.

(ii) A specimen of the trademark in .JPEG file with a minimum resolution of 600 dpi;

(iii) A list of goods and/or services in accordance with the International Classification on which the application is to be applied.


2. Cost for filing trademark in Laos

Please be noted that under the Laos Trademark Law, all fees for filing, publication and grant of registration shall be added up in a lump sum, not separated and paid at the time of filing the trademark in Laos. For the best quotation, please contact us at


3. Time frame

Generally, it will take about 10 to 12 months from the filing date for obtaining Certificate of trademark registration.

More information about trademark practice in Laos can be found HERE.

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