Updated information on trademark re-filing in Myanmar under the Soft-Opening period

13/11/2020 - 1695 views

Newsletter 5

Further to our Newsletter 4, we issue this Newsletter is to update on trademark re-filing in Myanmar.

The implementation of an online platform for trademark re-filing in Myanmar since October 01, 2020 is a significant turning point in trademark practice. After one month of implementation, nearly 14,000 trademark applications filed under the Registrar Act, have been re-filed to the Intellectual Property Department (IPD) of Myanmar through the online platform.

trademark re-filing in Myanmar

Although initially there were several technical issues with the platform and it was halted for maintenance a few days in October due to a large number of trademark applications filed in Myanmar at the same time, the platform has been running very smoothly so far. It can be said that this platform is a fairly advanced one powered by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

As an experienced IP Agent that licensed the access to the Online E-Filing Platform, Ageless Myanmar Company Limited (under the Indochina System of Ageless IP Attorneys & Consultants) is capable of re-filing hundreds of trademark applications in Myanmar per day and providing you with our trademark filing report within 24 hours.

We aim to deliver comprehensive IP services tailored to the needs of our clients’ businesses in a cost-efficient manner. We serve our clients with the highest level of IP capability available at any top IP Law Firm, but with the flexibility and value offered by a small firm structure.

Should you have any questions to IP practice and trademark re-filing in Myanmar, please do not hesitate to contact us via:

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We look forward to assisting you in this regard.

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