Newsletter 2

Further to our Newsletter 1, we issue this newsletter is to update on trademark in Myanmar.

On December 17, 2019, a Training Session for E-Filing System of Trademark in Myanmar has been held at the Headquarter of the Ministry of Commerce in Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar with the participation of local IP Agents, including ours, Ageless IP Attorneys & Consultants.

During the Training Session, participants were provided with trial access to the E-Filing system of powered by WIPO that valid for one week. The main purpose of this trial period is to provide recognized IP agents with basic knowledge and make them familiar with the online platform and ready when the Soft-Opening period of trademark in Myanmar officially launched.

The log-in page of the E-Filing system

Online interface for filling trademark in Myanmar

During one week, as a recognized IP Agent, Ageless have tested the platform and obtained better understanding of this E-Filing System of trademark in Myanmar and hope that the IP practice in Myanmar will soon be aligned to regional and international standard.

Theoretically, the Soft-Opening for trademark in Myanmar period will be launched in the beginning of January 2020 as informed in our previous Newsletter, however, in the context that the Trademark Regulatory has not been available yet, we suppose that the Soft-Opening period of trademark in Myanmar may be delayed until the end of January 2020.

Besides, there is additional information which we would like to further inform you:

– The new Trademark System of Myanmar will accept multiple-class application;

– The Power of Attorney may no longer be required for filing trademark application in Myanmar, instead a Letter of Representation will only be necessary. This issue is under discussion and may be officially be decided by January 07, 2020;

– The change of name and address (under assignment between two parties) can be re-registered under the Soft-Opening period of trademark in Myanmar by submitting the Deed of Trademark Assignment made between two parties and other relevant documents (such as the Declaration of Ownership under the previous owner’s name);

– The change of name and address of a trademark owner as a company (not under assignment) can also be proceeded while re-registration by submitting the company extract document from the relevant Authority and Director Decision.

We will keep you updated with latest information of trademark in Myanmar, in the meantime, should you have any further question, please do not hesitate to contact us at

We look forward to assisting you in this regard.

Your sincerely, 

Ageless IP Attorneys & Consultants.

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