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Following the enactment of Trademark Law in the end of March 2019, the Government of Myanmar is making numerous efforts to soon establish a new system of trademark in Myanmar to replace its old one where trademarks registered under Deeds of Trademark ownership with the Office of the Registration of Deeds. During the Myanmar E-Services Implementation and Knowledge Exchange Workshop hosted by the Ministry of Education and WIPO on October 22nd, 2019; it is revealed that:

– New Intellectual Property Office (IPO) of Myanmar will be established under the Ministry of Commerce of Myanmar;

– New rules and regulations for registration of trademark in Myanmar in the upcoming time are as follows:

+ Currently, there are hundreds of thousands of trademark registrations in Myanmar under the old system existing, to recognize these existing trademark registrations, the IPO of Myanmar will commence a “soft-opening” period starting from January 2020 for these existing trademark registrations to be re-filed within six (06) months since the opening date on a first-to-file basis. It means that during this period, no new trademark in Myanmar will be eligible for registration.

+ Under the new system, the practice of trademark in Myanmar will be aligned to international standards with formality examination, publication, substantive examination, registration or rejection, etc. The IPO of Myanmar is discussing to decide the standard form for Power of Attorney (POA), we expect that the requirements for POA will be simplified in comparison with under the old practice (notarization and legalization required).

Under this situation, trademark in Myanmar which have never been registered (under the old system) can only be filed in the second half of 2020 at least. For which, we would like to recommend you as follows:

– If you have not registered any trademark in Myanmar under the old system but they wish to enter the “soft-opening” in January 2020 period instead of waiting until the second half of 2020, they need to finish all the filings under the old system before the end of 2019 and re-file when the “soft-opening” begins to claim the priority date.

– If you have already had trademark in Myanmar registered under the old system, please kindly let us know which trademarks you wish to re-file under the new system for us to start our preparation process.

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