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Awards & Achievement

Ageless IP Attorneys and Consultants named as a finalist for The 2015 Asia IP Awards, the annual awards from Asia IP, the only intellectual property magazine focusing on Asia and the Pacific.


ASIA IP Magazine which is the leading magazine of the...


AGELESS hereby commits and thoroughly adheres to the following principles in the process of implementing the authorized tasks:

1. Reliability

• During the course of representing on behalf of client, We will be responsible for reporting, timely and fully, all the information relevant to the process as well as the legal...

Our people
AGELESS at present consists of 48 permanent employees, all of whom are Lawyers, Patent Engineers or Engineers of various scientific fields with Bachelor’s or higher academic degrees. The consultancy and representative services of AGELESS are operated by the following key members: 1. Chairman - Mr....
Who are we?
Since the establishment, AGELESS has rapidly developed, to the point of being recognized as one of the FIVE leading companies in the field of Intellectual Property in Vietnam, Lao, Myanmar and Cambodia (based on the statistics of the number of filed applications in 2016)....
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