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AGELESS hereby commits and thoroughly adheres to the following principles in the process of implementing the authorized tasks:

1. Reliability

• During the course of representing on behalf of client, We will be responsible for reporting, timely and fully, all the information relevant to the process as well as the legal status of the given case(s). All of provided information must be honestly reported to You;

• Actively keep contact with local Examiner and Official for further understanding and anticipation of likely possibilities so as to notify You in due course.

2. Consultancy

Before and during the process of implementing the authorized tasks, We shall, within its capabilities, provide You with expert and professional advice to ensure the most complete and effective outcomes.

3. Notification

• During the process of implementing the authorized tasks, AGELESS shall inform You in writing of all relevant information regarding the implementation process;

• All explanations, amendments, supplements and rights endorsed in the Power of Attorney (POA) whose implementation might affect the application’s legal status will only be performed after being notified to and accepted by You.

4. Cooperation

• AGELESS commits to cooperation with You to fully and timely perform the tasks in accordance with the legal procedures;

• Before implementing any procedure, AGELESS must inform You and wait for your response;

• All the procedures needed before local competent authority(es) regarding Your request will be performed during the same day or within 24 hour, except in complicated cases, where the time limit may be extended but we will inform you in advance;

5. Security commitments

AGELESS upholds the obligations to keep confidential and will not disclose to anyone for any reason the information and documents related to the authorized tasks .

These commitments and obligations are valid as from the date of our becoming Your Legal Representative.

6. Price policy

Our quotation is fixed in One-Stop-Package Price until the end of authorized tasks. We NEVER charge the hidden costs.

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