New requirements for maintenance of Trademark in Cambodia

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Maintenance of trademark in Cambodia is not a complex procedure but it is compulsory to preserve the trademark owner’s rights. Once a trademark in Cambodia is granted Registration Certificate, its owner should note the date for filing an affidavit to the Department of Intellectual Property (DIP) of Cambodia.

In the fifth year of registration, the owner must file an Affidavit with the DIP indicating whether the trademark has been used in Cambodia marketplace or not? In case of non-use but proceed with filing the Affidavit, the trademark in Cambodia still continues being enjoined protection. Any failure to submit the Affidavit may result in the trademark cancellation on the grounds of non-use in Cambodia.

Recently, as a move to more strictly monitor the indication of use of the registered mark, the DIP has made some new requirements for maintenance of trademark in Cambodia which we would like to compare with the previous practice for your easy reference:

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