Accelerated protection of South Korean Patents in Cambodia

Recent years have witnessed the huge efforts of Cambodia in attracting foreign investment and accordingly, many measures to facilitate to Intellectual Property (IP) Rights have also been implemented by signing a number of IP Cooperation Agreements with Singapore, China and EUIPO, the latest Memorandum of Understanding on Patent Cooperation (click here for full context of the MOU) has been signed on August 16, 2019 between the Ministry of Industry & Handicraft (MIH) and the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO).

This MOU shall come into effect as from November 01, 2019 (with validity of five (5) years and renewable) and establish a cooperation framework between the contracting Parties to implement the Patent Recognition Program (PRP) in Cambodia. Under which, patent protected in South Korea (which corresponding patent application filed with MIH within twelve (12) months under Paris Convention or thirty (30) months under Patent Cooperation Treaty) can smoothly obtain the same validity in Cambodia following a simple process of submitting the required documents as below:

  • A certified copy of the patent gazette enclosed in the corresponding KIPO patent application;
  • Translation of claims and specification published in the patent gazette in English and Khmer.

During the period 2010-2018, around 30 South Korean Patent Application were filed with the MIH, however, not a single case has been granted due to limited resources. Once this PRP implemented, the MIH will deliver an accelerated patent decision within three (03) months, accordingly. the South Korean enterprises will be able to swiftly obtain patent rights and seek for good investment opportunities in Cambodia.

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