Closing the Soft-opening period to enforce The Myanmar Trademark Law in March 2023

07/02/2023 - 1480 views

On January 12, 2023; the Intellectual Property Department (IPD) under the Ministry of Commerce (MOC) of Myanmar announced that the Trademark Law (enacted in 2019) is planned to come into force in March 2023. This announcement means the Soft-opening period in which the IPD accepted applications for the re-registration of trademarks that had previously been declared through Declarations of Ownership or used in the Myanmar market, will be closed soon.



Closing the Soft-opening period to enforce The Myanmar Trademark Law provides a significant advantage for trademark owners under the previous system and ensured the continued protection of their marks after the transitional period. Once the Trademark Law in Myanmar comes into force, the procedures for trademark registration/and Grand-opening will commence. The trademark owners who were not eligible for registration during the Soft-opening period will be able to file their trademark applications under the new legal regime. However, up to now, the IPD has not issued any further official notification specifying the effective date of the Trademark Law yet.


We will monitor this matter closely and keep you updated of any further development.


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