Dear Valued Associates,

As the situation of the COVID-19 pandemic is becoming more and more complicated in the world, we are informed by the Post Office of Vietnam that the delivery of letters and parcels from Vietnam to some countries in the world will be temporarily suspended until further notice available (this suspension is subject to change, please view here for updated information).

Accordingly, we will suspend sending the original documents of the clients in those jurisdictions (such as Trademark and Patent Registration Certificates, if any) until otherwise instructed by the Post Office of Vietnam.

In addition, the delivery of letters and parcels from your country to Vietnam may be also suspended or take longer than usual. Should you have any original documents that required to submit to the National Office of Intellectual Propery (NOIP) of Vietnam, please kindly check with the relevant Postal services in your country and inform us. In case, the original documents cannot reach us before the deadline due to the temporary suspension or delay in delivery due to the COVID-19, we may convince the NOIP that this is a force majeure case and request the extension of deadline. However, the delivery of letters and parcels to Vietnam by DHL seems to be normally operating up to now, for urgent case, you may consider to send the original documents to us by DHL.

However, please be assured that all of our offices are fully operational as usual, even if, the Government of Vietnam, at a point of time in the future, should decide to apply more severe restrictions to deal with the outbreak, our staff in all offices is able to work remotely which allows the firm to continue the business without any disruption and we have implemented flexible technical solutions to ensure that all our clients’ cases are processed as usual.

We remain at your disposal for any further questions.

Yours sincerely,

Ageless IP Attorneys & Consultants

Our Clients